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Register Now and Use Your Eligible NBK Visa Credit Card to enjoy 10% Cashback on your purchases

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The campaign is valid from 5th July till 5th November, 2020.

First: Cashback Special Conditions:

1 -   Eligible credit cards for the cashback campaign are:

  • NBK Visa Infinite Credit Card
  • NBK Visa Signature Credit Card
  • NBK Visa Platinum Credit Card
  • NBK-Kuwait Airways (Oasis club) Visa Infinite Credit Card
  • NBK-Kuwait Airways (Oasis club) Visa Signature Credit Card
  • NBK Visa Infinite Privilege Credit Card

2 -   To qualify for the cashback campaign, customers should be:

  • 21 years of age and above for NBK Credit Cardholders
  • Holding active credit cards during the period of the cashback campaign period until cashback amount is credited

3 -   Eligible NBK Credit Cardholders will get 10% cashback when using NBK Credit Cards locally and internationally at the eligible merchants (listed below) in accordance with the cashback percentages set out therein and within the maximum cashback limit referred to below

4 -   Taking into consideration the following

  • Minimum spend during each month of the campaign is KD 200
  • Cashback is capped at KD 200 per customer and KD 50 per merchant
  • Minimum cashback amount per month is KD 5
  • Cashback amount will be credited to the eligible NBK Credit Card no later than November 2020

Second: General Conditions:

  • 1 -   This is the registration-based campaign, and customer will need to register via the NBK website to participate and earn cashback.
  • 2 -   The card must be active during the cashback campaign period until the cashback amount is credited.
  • 3 -   Credit Cardholders deemed delinquent by NBK will not benefit from the cashback campaign, and NBK reserves the right to disqualify any customer from the campaign in the event that abnormal usage patterns are suspected on the customer's account(s) or card(s).
  • 4 -   NBK reserves the right to change the prize and the campaign terms and conditions prior to or during the campaign period as well as the right to change extend or discontinue the campaign any time and without prior notice in the cooperation with the ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  • 5 -   Eligible customers hereby unconditionally delegate and give consent to NBK and its appointees to use their personal data to the extent necessary for the effective conduct of the campaign, which may include disclosure of such personal information to third parties.
  • 6 -   Offers is valid only in case transaction is performed directly with the merchant and not through any third party.