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100% Buyer protection

Genuine products

We guarantee you that all products sold at Xcite are genuine products. We offer a 100% return and refund guarantee if you find a counterfeit product!

14 day return policy

Changed your mind? it's perfectly fine. purchased products can be returned within 14 days of purchase. (products must be sealed, unused and in a perfectly saleable condition with all accessories)

Warranty coverage

All products sold are covered with standard manufacturer's and agency warranty. add up to 5 years of Xcite extended warranty to protect your new love.

Free and easy returns

We'll take care of the returns process till we process your full refund. yes, free of cost

Two easy ways to return a product

1. Send us an email

Send an email to Xsupport@xcite.com with you order number and contact details. one of our agents will contact you back to take you through the process.

2. Call us

Call 1803535 or register your return and one of our agents will contact you to schedule a pickup.

Frequently asked questions

What can I return?

You can return all unopened (sealed), unused items within 14 days of purchase to receive a 100% refund. choose any of the 2 ways above to register your case see full terms & conditions

Are there any products excluded from the 14-Day return policy?

Yes. virtual products such as iTunes Cards, Google Play Cards, PlayStation Cards, Gift Cards and others are excluded from the 14-Day return policy. For more information, please visit our terms & conditions.

How can I receive my refund?

You can receive your refund via any of the below modes:

Refund to your Bank Account: your amount would be refunded back to your Bank account. though this might take a bit longer due to banking processes and internal formalities.

How long will it take to get my refund?

Most Bank Account refunds take around 4-6 weeks for processing due to internal and Bank related processes. rest assured your money is safe!

What if I receive a damaged item or item does not match the one on the website?

Feel free to return using any of the 2 ways mentioned above! we will verify the source of the damage and process the cancellation and refund. See full terms & conditions