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Have you ever thought about a unique perfume matching your genes? Have you tried to let someone else create a perfume for you based on your DNA, not your fragrance preferences? Recent studies show that our genes control our choices of perfumes. Yeah, don’t be surprised if a geneticist you know can predict your perfect formulated perfume!

“Time and tide wait for no man”, we’re all too familiar with this saying, but how does one keep an accurate track of time? In this day and age, we see thousands of devices readily available to measure time and put it in our hands. As a symbol of status and prestige, watches reveal a person’s class and possible accomplishments in life.

Some people say that travelling the world makes them healthy or eases the pain that they have inside and out. Most travelers just like to explore the different places around the world and give away all stresses at work. Why do people travel or why do you travel? It is one of the questions you will encounter when you go outside of your country.