Insect Killers Camping Tools Offers in Kuwait

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WANSA Insect Killer (LI-2003)
8.900 KD
16.900 KD  
Save 8.000 KD
Wansa Mosquito Swatter (GS02N)
1.150 KD
1.500 KD  
Save 0.350 KD
Wansa 2x8W Insect killer (LI -6005)
4.900 KD
8.900 KD  
Save 4.000 KD
Wansa 3x20W Insect Killer (LI-6006)
9.900 KD
18.900 KD  
Save 9.000 KD
Wansa 20W Insect Killer (W-40-41W)
12.900 KD
29.900 KD  
Save 17.000 KD
Wansa Guardian Insect Killer 20W (W-GH20L)
79.900 KD
Starting 4.000 KD Monthly
Wansa 30-LED 13W Insect Killer (W-30L-13W)
9.900 KD
23.900 KD  
Save 14.000 KD
Wansa 16-LED 11W Insect Killer (W-16L-11W)
7.900 KD
19.900 KD  
Save 12.000 KD
Wansa GH1Z Insect Zapper
2.900 KD