Home Appliances Food Processors & Cake Beaters Offers in Kuwait

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Kenwood 1200W Kitchen Machine - KVL4230
149.000 KD
Starting 7.000 KD Monthly
Kenwood Chef Sense XL Kitchen Machine - 1400W 6.7L (KVL6140T)
189.000 KD
Starting 9.000 KD Monthly
Kenwood Chef XL Kitchen Machine - 1200W 6.7L (KVL4110)
99.900 KD
Starting 5.000 KD Monthly
Wansa FK-6819 Kitchen Machine 6.7 Liter 1500 Watts
57.900 KD
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Philips Compact Food Processor - 850W 2.1L (HR7530/01)
35.900 KD
Starting 2.000 KD Monthly
Kenwood Prospero 900W 4.3L Kitchen Machine (OWKM287001) – Silver
84.900 KD
Starting 4.000 KD Monthly
Kenwood Food Prospero 1000W 4.3L (KHC29)
54.900 KD
Starting 3.000 KD Monthly