Home Supplies & Pet Care Offers in Kuwait by Xcite Alghanim Electronics

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Beko 10KG Heat Pump Tumble Dryer (DSY10PB46W) - White
139.900 KD
Starting 7.000 KD Monthly
Beko 11kg Front Load Washing Machine - WTE11744XDOS
144.900 KD
Starting 7.000 KD Monthly
Beko 1200W Double Pot Turkish Coffee Maker (BKK2113P LAL) – Red
53.900 KD
Starting 3.000 KD Monthly
Beko 17 Cft Top Mount Refrigerator + Beko 60X60 4 Burner Gas Cooker + Beko 7kg Front Load Washing Machine
289.900 KD
Starting 14.000 KD Monthly
Beko 17 Cft. Top Mount Refrigerator (RDNE480M21W) - White
124.000 KD
Starting 6.000 KD Monthly
Beko 17.8 CFt Top Mount Refrigerator - (RDNE550K21ZPX)
159.900 KD
Starting 7.000 KD Monthly
Beko 19.8 CFt Top Mount Refrigerator - (DN161602W)
179.900 KD
Starting 8.000 KD Monthly
Beko 22 Cft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator (CNE63721/CN16322) - White
240.000 KD
Starting 11.000 KD Monthly