Home Appliances Drum Vacuum Cleaners Offers in Kuwait

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Wansa 1800W 18L Drum Vacuum Cleaner (VC-0201(
12.900 KD
20.900 KD  
Save 8.000 KD
Karcher Drum Vacuum Cleaner 1800W
29.900 KD
36.900 KD  
Save 7.000 KD
Karcher 1800W 25L Vacuum Cleaner (MV5/WD5)
44.900 KD
62.500 KD  
Save 17.600 KD
Starting 2.000 KD Monthly
Best Seller
Wansa 1400W 15L Drum Vacuum Cleaner (ZL14-04T)
17.900 KD
Panasonic 1500W Drum Vacuum Cleaner - MC-YL620Y747
22.900 KD
29.000 KD  
Save 6.100 KD
Bissell Power Clean Professional 21L Wet & Dry Drum Vacuum Cleaner
29.900 KD
45.000 KD  
Save 15.100 KD
Best Seller
Daewoo 2000W 21L Drum Vacuum Cleaner (RBM-310)
19.900 KD
24.900 KD  
Save 5.000 KD
Hitachi 2300W 21L Drum Vacuum Cleaner with Remote (CV-9850YRJ) - Black
69.900 KD
77.500 KD  
Save 7.600 KD
Starting 3.000 KD Monthly
Panasonic MC-YL690A747 Drum Vacuum Cleaner 1500 Watt
29.900 KD
33.000 KD  
Save 3.100 KD
Panasonic 2200W 21 Liter Drum Vacuum Cleaner - (MC-YL679RQ47)
47.000 KD
Starting 2.000 KD Monthly