Hitachi's Air Conditioning Range
Hitachi prides itself on providing high quality, efficient and reliable air conditioning solutions across the globe. By investing heavily in Research and Development. Hitachi have been able to remain at the forefront of the industry.Hitachi's Air Conditioning Range is one of the most extensive available in the market today. With products and equipment suitable for a variety of applications, from the domestic conservatory to the modern multi-storey office environment, the versatility of the Hitachi range is second to none.
Enhanced Airflow
Hitachi Split AC comes with a strong fiber body and shimmering white surface. It is a worldwide brand known for its extraordinary performance, separates the unit from others in the market. An Anti-Bacterial filter ensures a clean, bacteria-free environment. Also, equipped with many features like Multi mode air swing, Nano Titanium filter, Automatic dust & virus removal, Anti-Rust condenser, and a Super Tropical compressor (T3).
Extraordinary Performance
Enhanced airflow reaches up to 11m, suitable for room sizes of up to 30 m2. Multi-mode air swing allows for greater user control on air vents. Nano Titanium filter ensures a dust, fungi and odor free environment in the room, they also cover the entire length of air inlet area ensuring that 100% of the air passes through the filter unlike other brands in the market.
Anti-Rust Condenser
Anti-Rust condenser ensures a longer life for the air conditioner. Especially suitable for coastal areas; includes a super tropical compressor (T3) designed specifically for high temperatures in the Middle East.
Safe Air Every Time
Hitachi Air Conditioner focused on the mechanism and the quality to give the cooling results you have always wished for. It came out with the 24000 BTU AC that has a suitable low noise level so you can enjoy cool air without being annoyed by the noise ACs would produce. The filter it has and the Dehumidification function makes it live longer and gives you cleaner air.