Buy Online & Pick Up From A Showroom!

One of the advantages that prompt you to buy from is that you can shop online, and then pick up your order from a showroom. This helps you avoid waiting for delivery. The following points and images will guide you through this process:

In-store shopping process

1) Sign in to your account. The items that are eligible to be picked up from a showroom will have the Pickup Delivery sign below.

Pickup Delivery sign

2) For these items, you can click on Free Delivery tab to get your order delivered by Xcite Staff. If you want to pick up your items from a showroom, click on Choose a Showroom under Showroom Pickup tab.

Free Delivery

3) Select the showroom you wish to pick up your items from. Then, click on Add to Cart.

Showroom pickup

4) Change the showroom location through Change Location button on the product page. You can update the location on the checkout page as well.

Showroom location

5) Specify who will pick up the order (you or someone else) on the checkout page, then place your order.

Picking up the order

6) Head to the showroom within 48 hours and present your order confirmation email and invoice at the pickup booth.

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