How to activate the “Secret Deal” feature effectively on for members only!

Being a member of gives you unbeatable opportunities and features, you would be surprised by the amount of discounts, free gifts and amazing offers that are members-exclusive! However, in order to successfully obtain these offers through “secret deal”, just make sure you are logged in then follow some steps to ensure that you are on the safe side.

Secret Deal logo

See the green “Secret Deal” logo on one of the products? Woohoo! You’re in luck! This specific item has a special offer for you, but let’s see the possibilities..



1- Voila! Congratulations! This secret deal offers you a free gift. All you need to do is click “Go There” then follow the link of the free gift and click “Add to Cart” to add the free gift to your cart. But remember, you need to add the main product to cart first in order for the gift product to appear!


Or you could add the free gift when you are viewing your cart later on.

2- You could earn a discount on your current purchase using provided coupons. All you need to do is copy the coupon code and paste it to your “Discount Codes” area.


3- Sometimes, if applicable, you could get a discount if you buy 2 items of the same genre.


Please note that these offers change from time to time, and not always applicable. If you see an offer in the “Secret Deal” logo on the product, then it means it is only applicable to that particular product. Possibilities are endless, just keep looking & happy shopping!

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