Perfume Tips And Tricks

The smell of perfumes is very captivating, however; going into a perfumes shop is not as pleasant as some people would reckon. The smells of a million perfumes sneak into your nose and you start getting dizzier and dizzier each minute you spend inside that shop. You end up walking out sniffing dozens of perfumes on your skin, wondering if your wrist smells like Gucci or Lancôme. The situation is overwhelming, but more importantly, you come out empty-handed! 

Do not try too many perfumes at a time

Perfume selection

Many of us make the mistake of trying a gazillion perfumes on one trip. This not only hurts your nose, but also makes you more confused when deciding. Try 2-4 perfumes each trip.

Do your research

Types of perfumes
Perfume types

There are a few things you ought to keep in mind before buying your perfect perfume. Budget is essential, as well as knowing the type of perfume  you’re aiming for. Are you more into flowery or citrusy scents? Or do you feel best smelling like paprika and cinnamon? Choose what makes you feel happy and relaxed the most!

Do not spray perfumes on your clothes

Do not try perfumes by spraying them on your clothes, as they may stain them or even damage the fabric!

Do spray on your skin

Spraying perfume on clothes

Instead, spray them on blotter strips, your wrists, or even tissues, to smell its true scent. Let it dry for a few minutes, then do the sniffing!

Fun Fact: Smell of perfume varies according to your emotional state.

Do not rub your wrists together

Contrary to common belief, rubbing your wrists together causes the scent to disappear faster, therefore; not giving you its true scent. You do not want any more confusion, do you?

Do no rub wrists

Familiarize yourself with perfume terms

Each perfume has top, middle & base notes.. Do you mean perfumes are made up of layers??

Of course not, top notes is the first fragrance you smell after spritzing. Middle notes is the smell that comes right after the top notes. While base notes is the strongest smell that stays for a long time after spraying. Simple enough, yeah? So when looking for a perfume, always pay attention to the base notes, as they are the ones that stay the longest!

Perfume notes

Nobody wants to smell too strong in the morning, it wouldn’t be nice on our noses! Nor other people’s noses too! If you are going to work, consider wearing something light and casual.

New perfume opinion
‘You haven’t said what you think of my new perfume.’

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