How to Choose the Right Air Conditioner For Your Room

Whether you live along the seaside or in the midst of the desert, the heat wave will find its way to you. Summer has officially arrived in Kuwait and so with it the absolute need of air conditioners to survive this kind of weather. Now you need to choose the right air conditioner to fit your house, rooms, or office. But before that, wear your reading glasses because we are about to explain some AC technical terms in the simplest way possible to help you choose the proper air conditioner for your needs.

BTU, Tons, & More

Choosing the right air conditioner for your home can be a complicated task especially if you are not familiar with specific air conditioning jargon. If you plan to buy an air conditioner, it is best to study these terms before you make your final purchase.

Study about air conditioner

What is BTU? And how is it related to air conditioners?

It stands for British Thermal Unit. It is a traditional unit of heat; defined as the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. Simply, the higher the BTU, the higher the capacity of the AC in removing heat from the air.

What Is Tons? Are air conditioners possibly that heavy?

First of all, many believe AC Tons is the actual weight of the air conditioner. This is false. Tons mean something completely different in the AC world. Let’s say we have a 2.5 Tons air conditioner. This means that this air conditioner will potentially give the same cooling effect as you can extract from 2.5 tons of ice! But how is this related to BTU?
Panda Keeps Cool In Summer Heat by laying on blocks of ice

1 Ton Equals 12,000 BTU

We will skip the mathematical part and head straight to the facts and results. 1 Ton = 12,000 BTU per hour. Meaning that in one hour, your AC will be able to remove 12,000 thermal units from the air. The list goes on. Check image below for the full list.Table ton to btu per hour

Higher BTU & Smaller Rooms = A Recipe for Reduced Lifespan

There is a common misbelief that it is always better to buy an air conditioner with high BTU no matter the size of the room. Although it is advised to get a high BTU air conditioner for bigger rooms, it is not recommended to get high BTU air conditioners for smaller rooms and the other way around. But why?

Choosing the ac size per room size

The Right BTU for Your Room Size

Without getting into too much technical details, not choosing the right BTU exhausts the AC compressor by cycling on and off irregularly. This will, in return, reduce the lifespan of the AC unit. Therefore, you need to choose the right BTU depending on the room size you are planning to install the AC in. On average, 18,000 BTU air conditioners will cool up to 40 square meters of room size. Below is a chart for the suitable BTU & room size in square meters.

BTU and Room size measure table

Xcite’s Special Warranty System on Air Conditioners

All split ACs at Xcite have the benefit of a one year full warranty. Not only that, there is also a 6 years warranty on the air conditioner’s compressor. General Split ACs have 10 years warranty, with the first 7 years being full. As for General Window ACs, they have 7 years full warranty. LG ACs have 1 year full warranty & 5 years on the compressor. And many more, please do not hesitate to shoot your questions & comments right away in the comments below. Happy shopping at Xcite!

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