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Summer is months away, yet you can feel yourself sweating buckets! The well-known Kuwaiti meteorologist Al-Ojairi once said in one of his interviews, “the moment you feel delight in the sip of cold water, is the moment you know that summer has arrived”. It’s true, summer is crawling to Kuwait and we can already feel its existence among us all. There’s no need to worry as we got you covered on the proper equipment to cool yourself and beat the heat!

At Picnics

There’s nothing better than spending the day at the beach or the park with your loved ones. It is even better when you are fully-prepared! Do not forget to take these items with you to your next picnic under the sun! It’s never too hot for a picnic.

Campingaz Fold n Cool Bag

Campingaz Fold N Cool Bag Campingaz Fold N Cool Bag for picnic

The Campingaz Fold N Cool Bag features a large capacity 30L. Its multi-purpose design makes it easily folded down for easy transport when not in use, so it is ideal for family day trips.

Campingaz Ultimate Soft Cooler

Campingaz Ultimate Soft Cooler

Combining all the benefits of a soft and hard cooler, the Ultimate 35L is practical, convenient and perfect for a wide variety of uses thanks to its large capacity, it is also foldable and a space-saver!

At home

If you’re not going anywhere outside your house, it’s better to stay cool and relaxed. As homes are ought to be the most comfortable and relaxing places on earth! With the help of modern technology, it’s easier than ever to make that happen.

Wansa 26-inch Metal Blade Stand Fan

Wansa 26-inch Metal Blade Stand Fan

It features 3-speed settings and the motor is heavy duty. It has a suitable size and it is sturdy enough to handle heavy usage and it fits all rooms including bedrooms and small living rooms.

Samsung 24,000 BTU Cooling Operation Split AC

Samsung Split AC

Missing out on a good night’s sleep can mean bad news for your day. That’s why Samsung’s Good Sleep feature creates an ideally comfortable climate in your bedroom. With a precise temperature control system and automatic moisture adjustment, all three vital stages of your sleep is protected from humidity and heat so you wake up fully refreshed and ready to take on a new day.

Wansa Fridge 3.5 CFT Single Door

Wansa Single Door Fridge

Too lazy to go to the kitchen to grab some cool drinks? Get this sleek and small refrigerator from Wansa, especially designed to offer you a high-level of performance and to add a stylish look to you bedroom.

At Your House Garden

Enjoy your friends and family’s garden gatherings with the simple help of water coolers! Basic water coolers with storage capacity and a stainless-steel body that will keep your water clean, cool and fresh at all times.

Wansa Gold Floor Standing Open Single Tap Water Cooler

Wansa Gold Floor Standing Open Single Tap Water Cooler

A basic water cooler with storage capacity and a stainless-steel body that will keep your water clean, cool and fresh at all times. It has one tap and a very large capacity of 70 Litres!

Wansa 32-Liter Floorstanding Water Cooler – 2 Taps

Wansa 32 Liter Floorstanding Water Cooler

Made from durable and rust free stainless steel to make sure that your drinking water stays clean and fresh every time. No need to wait for another person to finish getting some water, with 2 available taps, you and your family can enjoy fresh, cold drinking water without having to wait.

At Office

Sometimes the office air conditioners are not enough to keep your cool. You need something that will help you stay refreshed and focused during that nine-to-five.

Satzuma USB Mini Cooler

Satzuma USB Mini Cooler

The USB Cooler is the envy of any office worker who likes a cold drink. The cooler has a slick retro appearance and will keep any can nice and cool ensuring you can stay at your station for longer, it has a simple plug and play product that can sit anywhere comfortably on the desk thanks to 4 ft. of cable flexibility.

Tiger Stainless Steel Bottle

Tiger Stainless Steel Bottle

Keep the drink cold for long hours and comes with “Super Clean Plus” Advanced Finished Process: Hygienic, stronger resistant against stains & odors.

Whatever the weather,  we got you covered on the latest and most innovative products for your comfort and welfare. Happy shopping, and don’t forget to stay hydrated!

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