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Have you ever wondered of turning your special home into a smart home? Automated smart homes are getting trendy spreading over many areas around the world. Every day a new technology emerges to grant households and homeowners more smart control over their houses specs.

More control means more comfort, Xcite features on its website a dedicated section for smart home appliances that has all needed products, electronics, and special gadgets to have a savvier home. The available gadgets give buyer more capability of smartly controlling lighting systems, sound systems, AC, and appliances

All home automation technology appliances are now available in Kuwait at best price through Xcite. Brought from the world’s top technology makers like Amazon, Apple, Dlink, and other, the showcased products are divided into four main categories. We will shed the light on each and every category in this post to offer more illustration for what Xcite is offering in this field.

1- Environmental Control

Environmental Control
Environmental Control

Your home is your world, get full control over your house environment features using the displayed gadgets for sale on Xcite. Check Google’s Mini Home Personal Assistant, which is a hand’s free that could easily accompany you anywhere around the house. It’s a small gateway to Google for finding answers to any question, get news, reminders, schedule meetings, etc, and connect to Chromecast to stream shows and videos. You can also use it to control your home via voice.

The section is packed also with smart light bulbs and smart speakers all could be remotely controlled via the smart home control gateway accessible on mobile, tablet or wall-mounted terminal.

2- Entertainment

Home Entertainment
Home Entertainment

Stay up to date with the latest entertainment trends through Xcite and check out the entertainment section for the newest smart home entertainment devices. Find out room-filling smart speakers of top quality from Amazon, gesture control devices, Google Chromecast devices, and more.

3- Security

Home Security
Home Security

Home automation technology includes smart and easy solutions to ensure your house security and boost your safety. There is the smart doorbell terminal from Ring embedded with a speaker and high-quality camera to enable the household from seeing and speaking to whoever knocking on the door via cell phone or tablet. Ring features also on Xcite a smart battery-powered camera with a security alarm that blurts on suspicious activity and embedded with a speaker.

There is also Nest home alarm sensor that comes with a smartphone application available on App store. When connected to the Wifi connection, Nest sensor will send you messages when the alarm goes off or batteries run low. Nest can read and locate smoke including odorless CO smoke which is invisible and deadly.

The security section has also keypad door locks that open door by password as well as Kevo touch-to-open smart lock that reads fingerprints. Moreover, for extended security coverage over your house entrance, garden, backyard, or garage, check out the 4 cameras set from Honeywell that works with infrared and has a mobile application for remote view on smart devices.

4- Communications

Get better communication service in your home and feel in control of all what is happening inside and outside the house with the smart communication devices available. Xcite offers the most recent technologies in-house communication to its users in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Browse the featured set of products and check out their unparalleled prices which you won’t find elsewhere.

Find the Echo Dot device from Amazon which is hands-free gadget to control all speakers and headphones in the house. The device has a handsfree speaker and it is capable of controlling many features beside sound system like lighting, garage door, sprinkles, and more when connected with other compatible devices.

Check out also the Bitcino Linea intercom that has Wifi connectivity and offers a two-way talk in addition to access to door release. The smart intercom gives the user the capability of answering the door from the phone and even watching who is knocking the door through its built in camera.

Xcite is a totally verified and trusted source. It guarantees to users that all showcased products are hundred percent genuine. With a 100% percent customer protection system, Xcite offers a return and refund guarantee in case of receiving a counterfeit product.

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