Some moms work, some moms stay home, some moms homeschool and some moms make super-duper fantastic fancy sandwiches that look like soft toys for their kids’ lunches for school. Which one is the true definition of the “Super Mom?” ” Are you a “Super Mom?” Do you want to be a “Super Mom?”

Get Yourself A Personal Assistant

We understand how super busy we all get in our daily schedules hence for more forgetful mothers, a Bluetooth tracker is really worth it! Just toss it with whatever thing you’re nervous about losing (eg :- house and car keys/ your child’s school bag), pair it with your phone, and let it show you where that thing is if worse comes to worst. It’s a tool made more for the house than traveling overseas, but it’s a stress reliever all the same.

Trick out your Kitchen

It’s that time of day again. The time when children are ravenously hungry and whining, the baby is crying and tugging on your pant leg, the TV is blaring in the background, someone needs help with their homework, and everyone is hungry! We’re not sure about you, but dinner time at our house is an all-out war to see who can stress mom out more.

The trick to dicing quickly and painlessly lies in this version of the classic kitchen food processor. Easily creates 5-7 portions of desserts, smoothies, soups, bread , pastas etc. Name it you have it!

Additionally, Life will never be the same after you’ve brought the grill pan into your daily life. Toast a quick piece of bread, make the perfect quesadilla, brown the crispiest piece of chicken, and more on this all-purpose piece of cookware. The versatile grill plate gives you the choice of cooking with either a ribbed or smooth grilling surface, so you can enjoy your food the way you like.

Clean in a Jiffy

For all mothers Steam mop stick is a new revolutionary equipment at home. Relying on nothing but water, the mop stick promises a deeper clean than ever before. From stubborn stains to kitchen surfaces, the steam stick can provide deep cleaning results in even the most awkward corners and angles.

Not forgetting, the rechargeable wet/dry vacuum cleaners as well can be used for general cleaning daily tasks around the home including cleaning up after careless house guests, children and pets. With cyclonic action, dirt and debris is spun around the outside of the bowl helping keep the filter clean at all times. The on board cleaning brush is designed to easily pick up dirt and debris from soft furnishing, for example pet hair. It can also be used in humid areas such as bathrooms as it vacuums up liquids.

Floor Car

We feel you! we are sure every morning you debate with yourself over once a week laundry VS every day? How about this – While sipping on your coffee, just dump the piles of clothes in! Worried about the weight of clothes damaging the washing machine don’t be. Below are options of washing machines that can manage daily loads and achieve best wash results at the same time!

Run Juices Like Clockwork

We know they crave for fizzy full of sugar unhealthy soft drinks but chose the healthier fresh juices for them. They will thank you later in their teens for making them look slim, glowy and fit! So simply just start your day in a jiffy by getting yourself an instant juicer! Just throw in your favorite fruits and vegetables into the large feeding tubes which have sharp blades on the bottom for direct chopping.    The combination of the blades and the spinning motion rapidly separates the juice from the pulp. Not only are they quicker than other models, they tend to be cheaper and easier to clean, too.

Don’t run away yet, before leaving let us know which Home Tool  is your lifesaver? 

P.S – For us ‘You are by all definitions a SUPER MOM!’ Grab your cape and bear that title proudly because indeed it is super to be a Mom!

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