DNA Perfume Match

Have you ever thought about a unique perfume matching your genes? Have you tried to let someone else create a perfume for you based on your DNA, not your fragrance preferences? Recent studies show that our genes control our choices of perfumes. Yeah, don’t be surprised if a geneticist you know can predict your perfect formulated perfume! Your preferences for the perfume fragrances correlate with the versions of genes you have! How does this happen? And how far would you go for a DNA-based perfume?

Choices of perfumes

Perfumes Matching your DNA

There are companies that are specialized in providing this type of customized perfumes. They work on your genetic information, then they create the exclusive formulation based on the correlation of DNA sequences with the scent they think it will suit you. Your DNA is not included for sure in the scent itself; however, it gives hints to the perfume makers. You may like the customized formulation or not. You may like it, but you don’t feel it has that fragrance which expresses your nature, mood or character. This simply might happen, so why not to simply choose your favorite perfume. 

Perfumes matching DNA

Four Main Types of Fragrance

Woody fragrance

Woody: Scents like oak, sandal, leather, and vetiver, which are derived from and influenced by our nature. You can just feel the depth of their core. Men usually tend to purchase woody perfumes as they add to their personalities and give such a natural overall spirit.

Floral fragranceFloral: Flowery scents will be always women’s favorites. They include all different types of flowers fragrances such as jasmine, rose, violet and lily. They give their soft and elegant touch to you skin.

Fresh fragrance

Fresh: Whenever you feel exhausted due to a long work day or you need to refresh your skin as well as your smell. Pick citrus fresh perfumes and feel relaxed all day long.

Oriental fragranceOriental: If you or your parents feel that you want to revive the 80s ancient oriental spirit around,  use one of those perfumes that consist of a range of oriental fragrances associated with  this time period. Smell exotic and blended unexpected notes like amber and almond accords. These are mostly preferred in winter.

Two Types of Fragrance Concentration

Eau de Parfum (15%-20% concentration): It lasts longer than eau de toilette, and you can use it on your hair and clothes. Just be careful when applying to avoid any stain due to the oils included in the perfume formulation.

Eau de Parfum fragrance concentration

Eau de Toilette (5%-15% concentration): On some occasions like casual and work days, you might be looking for something lighter and more refreshing. choose eau de toilette perfumes that is less intense, and fades away quickly.

Eau de Toilette fragrance concentration

At the end of the day, everyone has personal preferences when it comes to buy a perfume. Everyone wants to satisfy his/her own taste, no matter how strange the composition of the perfume is.

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