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Time and tide wait for no man “Time and tide wait for no man”, we’re all too familiar with this saying, but how does one keep an accurate track of time? In this day and age, we see thousands of devices readily available to measure time and put it in our hands. As a symbol of status and prestige, watches reveal a person’s class and possible accomplishments in life.

Spending money for timepieceYou don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money on a timepiece that will earn you respect or even praise from a dedicated watch snob. While most “lower-end” watches will not satisfy the particular attention to detail or value that serious enthusiasts are keen to notice, there are a number of superlative “everyman” watches that will nevertheless garner a nod from the homological elite.

Unique designs for watches

Why is it, however, that watch snobs are hard to please? Are they merely measuring up other watch lovers by how much money they are spending? It often say that most of the timepieces available that have unique or very refined designs and excellent materials, as well as features, tend to be much more expensive. Timepieces are often an inherently expensive item hence why they are in the luxury category, so it isn’t surprising that cost is often associated with how “nice” something is.

Affordable watchesEveryone would love to enjoy deep pockets when it comes to purchasing watches, but the reality is that finding a good watch that is also a really good value takes some work. While the top of the range watches will always cost a high price, you don’t always have to break the bank if you want first class watches. There are many great watches which you don’t have to spend a whole lot  of money on if you want to buy them!

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These watches are made by the greatest watchmakers in the world. Fortunately, xcite by Alghanim team has compiled this list of affordable watches that can get a nod from snobs so that you can mingle with the elite timepiece collectors of the world and not feel as though your choice of watch is being immediately dismissed. You can visit our stores and website for very affordable watches that suits to your budget and fashion style, at xcite.com. We are glad to present you with one of our top seller watches, the Alba Gent’s Chronograph 40 mm Leather Watch (AT3C42X1) – Brown. It is very affordable and very elegant.

Budget watches with style

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