What type of cameras you like more?

Photography grabs people’s attention nowadays as the majority would love to share their daily events on the different social media platforms. Many would also prefer to promote their own businesses through taking vivid photos and recording explanatory videos! No matter the reason why photography is awesome and no matter the type of camera you use, all types have their distinct features which serve different purposes. Check out the most common cameras and their major benefits.

360 Cameras  

Capture the entire 360-degree space with a single shot. You can simply take pictures and record videos and control them on your phone. You can get your phone paired with the camera via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. 360 cameras help you capture two photos or two videos at the same time using fish-eye lenses mounted in opposite directions. Then you need to stitch the two together on your phone or computer via a software that is specifically provided for the camera.

Samsung 360 Degree Camera

Share your photos and videos with your friends online, so they can easily move around and explore all the corners of the scene you’ve captured. VR headsets can assist viewers to feel the same experience you’ve lived before. You can set a timer to start

LG 360 degree camera

capturing the image or video at the time you want, so no more videos with an image of you holding your phone in the beginning. Using a selfie stick can also be avoided since you can place your camera above your head or in any higher place and get the perfect view! 

3D Camera

There are basically two types of 360 cameras; monoscopic which is the most common type, and it allows flat renderings of a single shot. You can view that shot on any screen or in a headset. Stereoscopic is the second type, and it helps to capture a virtual reality video by creating a 3D rendering of a 360 degree shot. The shots taken by this type of cameras usually need two lenses.

Instant Cameras

These cameras might not give the high quality you can get using any digital SLR camera or a good smartphone. However, this type of cameras add some fun to your photography experience, especially if you use an instant camera to share quick and funny photo prints with your friends at the moment.

Instant Camera

Mini Instant Camera

You need to consider that the photo size you’ll get is based on the size that your camera takes.  Just get your child one and you’ll enjoy endless hours of fun and laughter together. It is too easy and simple to use. Some models allow more settings and options than others, but overall use it for birthday parties and weddings to show your child that he/she can act as a professional photographer with few simple points.  Instant cameras are the best for practical applications!

Dashboard Cameras

They are known as car cameras as well. They are becoming so popular as the record of any incident might happen is required. You can use a dash cam for safety and adventure purposes as well.  Make sure that your camera has a looping feature. You don’t have to manually delete the video you don’t need any more. This will happen automatically using this feature. Look for dash cams that have g-force sensors, so they detect when you’ve been in an accident.

Dashboard Camera

Always buy the camera that suits your need best!

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