Things To Consider While Buying A Smartphone Online

The smartphones have now become such a critical external appendage that users feel incomplete and lost whenever their device is not within their reach. 

Buying a smartphone is something happens every day! All smartphone companies are competing with each other very hard to take advantage of this high market demand and win the customers’ hearts.

There are a few important questions you should consider and things you must pay attention to before making your decision to buy a smartphone online.

Smartphone Warranty


One of the most important things you should pay attention to before buying your smartphone online is Warranty. You must read the total description about the phone’s warranty and what kind of warranty you will get on the phone.

Well, we have two kinds of Warranty, the first case is the manufacturer’s warranty in which the manufacturer is responsible for repairing a device when it gets broken, not the seller. This happens when you have an international warranty, you can repair your smartphone anywhere in any country.

The other case is the “commercial guarantee” which means that the seller is the one who is responsible for repairing a device.

Device lock

Device lock
Device lock

You may read before about the device lock while looking for a smartphone in an online store.  When buying a mobile phone, be sure to clarify the SIM card status as this can affect how the phone can be used.

Some offers inform about “no SIM lock” or “iCloud unlocked”. SIM locks are used by mobile network operators to restrict the use of phones to specific networks.

Both unlocked and SIM free phones do not usually have a SIM card included with them. The purchase only includes the phone and accessories. However, beyond this, there may be differences in how the phones can interact with different networks.

The major point about unlocked phones is that they can be used on any network. They have had all restrictions tying them to a particular network removed – or those restrictions were never in place in the first instance.

Unlocked and SIM-free are two terms used to describe phones that are not provided with a SIM card. The major difference is that unlocked phones have had any restrictions removed so that they can work with any network, whereas SIM free phones are simply not provided with a SIM card and they may or may not be tied to a network.

Smartphone Resale prices

Resale prices
Resale prices

If you are a kind of persons who love to resell his smartphone and get a new one, you need to take this factor into your consideration. Unlocked phones can sell for about 30% more than a locked phone.

Smartphone Price

smartphones price
smartphones price

With all promotions the main carriers offer you, it may seems more expensive at first to buy a smartphone from an online store, not from the carriers’ promotions. But, the main carriers can offer phones so cheap because they will recover the cost through the 2-year contract.

Unlocked phones are cheaper over the life of the phone. There is no long-term contract, and the user can change carriers any time he wants.

Smartphone Compatibility

If you travel frequently,  locked smartphones are not the best options for you because you will always be restricted to a specific network. Having unlocked smartphone let you easily switch to another network when coverage is lacking in the current area.

Of course, there are some exclusive advantages when you buy mobile phone online and major ones like the discount that you get from the e-commerce websites is impressive, as the discount may be more than 50%! Also, the quick availability as when it comes to the case of online shopping websites, the availability of such devices are very quick than you expect. Despite the fact that you might have to wait a few days according to the shipping requirements, you can have your Smartphone with you in lesser time. Obviously, the easiness of selection process is also important.

Considering all what we mentioned above, it is clear that the better option is online shopping, but you should firstly, pay attention to all these points and read the product description, specification, and seller notes.

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