Hanging out with family and friends outside is one of the best experiences ever. Every individual wishes to have this kind of life. The life of traveling, partying, enjoying life and living it to the fullest. Acquiring lots of joyful memories which can never be paid off by any amount of money.

Nowadays these things are only possible to happen when you have lots of free time, but what if you are not able to do it? Even going outside is difficult in lots of instances such as being busy doing home works, weather conditions, lack of money, or road traffic. You can’t even travel because of unpredictable work schedule. Is it still possible to enjoy and relax and have fun at home? Surely, you will answer me YES! Of course yes!

Obviously there are lots of excellent innovations already invented around the globe. And one of the most known entertainment systems are televisions. xcite.com offers a lots of variety of televisions. One of its best sellers for those who don’t have a big budget but want to experience consistent visual viewing, are the Wansa Full HD TV.Wansa Full HD TV

Wansa Full HD TV offers top of the class features and advanced video and imaging technologies that produce beautifully clear pictures with its 1080p resolution, everything you see is crisp and vibrant! Full HD colors that show you exactly what enjoyable TV viewing is all about.Samsung Curved 4K Smart QLED TV.And for those clients that want to have the most spectacular TV experience. Xcite.com offers SAMSUNG Curved 4K Smart QLED TV.

It has a built-in Wi-Fi for unlimited movie search over the net. The SAMSUNG Curved 4K Smart QLED TV meet or exceed strict performance levels for resolution (4K — 4 times sharper than HD), high dynamic range (HDR — brilliant bright, deepest darks), and wide color spectrum, along with recommendations for multi-dimensional sound, among others. You can also use your smart phones as a remote through Smart View app it will control your TV’s smart menu and streaming services like Netflix as well as push content from your phone onto your TV.


Watching the game of your favorite football team with friends especially during FINALS are one of the most brilliant and awesome experiences ever.  With Epson Full HD Home Cinema Projector from xcite.com you can upgrade your streaming of your favorite sports to the next level.

Epson Full HD Home Cinema Projector

With Epson’s Full HD home cinema projector you can create the big screen experience with images reaching up to 300 inches. It can handle the most atmospheric scenes with clearly defined shadow detail and deep blacks, while also remaining clear, sharp and smooth during the fastest, high-action scenes with Detail Enhancement and frame interpolation. Not only sport but also even if you are watching a classic movie or playing a game.

Epson Projector

Epson Projector - Watching with Family

You can now have a date with your family even if you’re just at home.

Gaming using Epson Projector

Enjoy playing intense game alone and you can set a get together with your friends without going at the theater.


We all know karaoke means music, karaoke means singing and above all karaoke means fun! But do you know what it means? Where does it comes from? Where is it practiced the most? What is the longest karaoke session?

I will tell you in this article. Karaoke began in the 1970s thanks to a Japanese restaurateur turned inventor, Daisuke Inoue. Karaoke means empty orchestra in Japanese. Philippines holds the title for the most in-home karaoke boxes with reportedly one in almost every home. Singing karaoke has been proven to relieve stress, boost confidence and strengthen social connections. All proven ways to live a longer, happier life! Here at xcite.com we offer different models of Karaoke and Sound Systems. Because we believe that singing from heart, sparks your brain. Neuroscience proves that group singing makes us happier, healthier, smarter and more creative.Digital Wireless Karaoke Microphones

Digital Wireless Karaoke Microphones is one of the best and best seller Karaokes that we have, aside from its durability, it has thousands of songs installed, and all are updated. And you can choose different languages that you want. Together with Wansa Speaker System you will really enjoy singing with the wide variety of the local preset equalizer you can maximize your enjoyment of different music genres.

Wansa Speaker System

There are lots of way to entertain your self even if you’re at home, there are more amazing electronic gadgets in our store that you might be interested. Just visit our website at www.xcite.com.

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