Set yourself up for success with xcite back to school deals.

If you’re anything like us, then back to school stationery and electronics are what you live for. It is the joy
of getting all new school supplies that kept us sane. Well, at least for the first week. Do you wish to start
the school year on a new note? Are you looking to replace or upgrade any of your current devices? Are
you looking for some good back to school deals? Ready to set yourself up for success and a good start for
the school year? You need to check this article.

What beats a lightweight Tablet?

What beats a lightweight Tablet

A tablet is a back to school necessity. Many have been choosing tablets to carry around over laptops.
because of their lightweight. They are the perfect devices for the back to school season. You can find
many good deals on when it comes to tablets. With some devices, you can even save over 50%.
It’s unbelievable. The devices vary widely in terms of brands, specs, models, and sizes. For brands, you
can find Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, and more good ones. You can find yourself a good tablet
starting at 11.900 KD. If you are looking to pay extra and invest in a tablet, you can pay up to 379.900 KD
or more. And there is a whole wide range of prices in between. You can easily browse the website and
check the dimensions and the specs you need.

Different laptops and PCs

Different laptops and PCs
Different laptops and PCs

When it comes to laptops or PCs, you can find a wide range of brands on as well. Are you
looking for an Acer, a Lenovo, a Toshiba or an HP? Or are you a MacBook fan? There is all of this and
more listed in the back to school offers page. This back to school sale covers various models within every
brand. The price ranges are pretty variable as well. Are you on a budget? You can buy a device starting
14.800 KD up to 1,754.900 KD if you want.

Printers and projectors

Different laptops and PCs
Printers and projectors

Printers and projectors are two other back to school necessities. Some of the best printer brands are HP,
Canon, Brother, Prynt, and Epson, all of which are available at competitive prices on You can
pretty much find all types of printers, from big laser printers to portable phone ones. You can get a
regular desk printer starting from 7,900 KD, down from 12,900. Such a good deal, don’t you think? Phone
printers are all 40% off or more. If a laser printer is something that you use regularly, you can find many
options with reasonable prices on the website. You can also find many projectors and screens listed on
the website from brands like Acer, BenQ, Sony, and LG.

Storage and networking

Storage and networking
Storage and networking

A storage device always comes in handy during school days, right? How many times did you wish you had
your flash or hard drive on you for a movie? We mean assignment. To avoid situations like this it is
important to invest in a good storage device. Some of the good brands are Sandisk, Toshiba, Seagate, and
WD. is packed with good deals on both hard and flash drives. The size of the drive you wish for
is a major criterion. A good networking device is everything. Who can live without the internet? Find
yourself a reliable device on the website. Nobody wants to keep replacing their networking devices mid-
school year or during exams.

Modern electronics accessories

Modern electronics accessories
Modern electronics accessories offers more than laptops, PCs, tablets, printers, projectors, storage devices, and networking
devices. There is a whole section dedicated to accessories that one might need during this season. Think

about it, what else do you need? Do you need a shredder? Do you need a wireless charging pad? How
about a wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, or a power bank? New beats are a must for a fun commute.
Browse the back to school deals page for all of that and more.

Don’t miss the chance from Xcite.

Don’t miss the chance from Xcite.
Don’t miss the chance from Xcite.

Back to school season is the perfect timing of the year to upgrade your current electronics or replace
broken or outdated ones. At this time of year, making use of the back to school offers will save you a lot
of money. is treating its users to some good deals and discounts to help kick-start the new
school year. Never underestimate the value of new electronics. Are you ready for some serious
shopping? Browse our website and get ready to fill your cart with brand new electronics whilst saving

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