Samsung’s Biggest Announcement To Date: The Galaxy S10

Official Samsung sources have already stated the date of the launch of their flagship phone on February 20th in a dedicated press event in San Francisco, California. What is even more interesting is that Samsung has also started taking reservations for the Galaxy S10 way before its actual release and promises to get them shipped by March 8th. Are you excited to know what’s more in store?

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Three or Four New Samsung Phones At Once?!

Rumor has it that it will be more than just one new phone to announce. Until now, three models of the Galaxy S10 are said to be announced. The S10, the S10+, the S10E (Essential), & the S10 Lite. Other retailers have already started selling cases for the S10! Leaked photos have spread showing how this awaited smartphone will look like along with highlighting its display size. The S10 Lite will have a 5.8-inch screen, the S10 standard will have a 6.1-inch screen and the S10 Plus will have a 6.4-inch display.

Leaked photo of S10, S10 Plus & S10 Lite

Hole-punch Front Camera & Three Rear Cameras

The three rear camera specs for the Galaxy S10 are rumored to be 12, 16 & 13 Megapixels. The latter one being with an f/2.4 aperture, supposedly for better portrait photos. The rear cameras will be horizontally placed in a suite with three lenses and a single flash. On the other hand, the hole-punch front camera will be dual in the S10 Plus. It is fun to mention the fact that the first hole-punch camera ever in a smartphone was made in Huawei Honor V20, which was released back in December, 2018.

Fingerprint On Screen & 3D Face Recognition

Some research analysts state that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will feature an in-display ultrasonic fingerprint that gives room for higher security. This high-tech will be offered by Qualcomm, a leading company in telecommunications technology. 3D face ID is also expected to replace the Iris 2D face recognition.

The New Galaxy Foldable Phone?!

People are already sure that Samsung will be releasing a foldable phone during the Unpacked event on February 20. Even the slogan of the video subtly suggests & hints this: “The Future Unfolds”.  It is also notable that Samsung has already showed off its Infinity Flex at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco last November. Could it be that this time it will be official?

The Infinity Flex Shown At A Previous Samsung Conference

What Do You Have In Mind?

Each Samsung fan is coming up with their own desired conclusions. So is everyone else. What are your current thoughts on this upcoming announcement? Leave us your thoughts below.

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