Will artificial intelligence out rule old school tech? According to Samsung, it sure can!  Primary focus of Siri, Google, and Alexa is to collect and understand data on the internet and then assist/answer your question about it, on the other hand Bixby your PA helping you to use your own phone.  Samsung announced Bixby, will come along with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus.

Accessing Bixby is Super Easy

Do it the witch-crafty way – Summon Bixby using your voice, with the wake phrase of “Bixby.” OR

Fast click to launch Bixby/give a command, long click opens Bixby Home. Another alternative way, access Bixby through the camera app. Or simply click just below the volume buttons which have a dedicated Bixby button, located on the left side of the Galaxy S8.


Only S8 offers this features

Those of you who own an older Galaxy phone, you’ll need to
upgrade in order to gain Bixby. Too much of a hassle then don’t ponder much, jump into the S8 series right away!


Regular Updates

Bixby will work with Google Play Music, was recently announced by the officials. The company has committed to regularly updating Bixby and adding more apps and capabilities over time. Samsung enlightened the crowd on how to take a screenshot and sending it as an attachment in a text message using Bixby, displayed during the unboxing event.

Bixby Home

Flipboard’s newsfeed is gone, replaced by Bixby Home on the Galaxy S8. With a swipe to the right from the home screen, a stream of information ranging from smart reminders based on your location & daily routine for appointments to news feeds and weather are displayed. Third-party apps such as Facebook or Uber can also display cards in Bixby Home.


Voice commands mimic touch commands

Samsung equates Bixby voice commands to touch actions, stating if you can do it with touch, you can do it with Bixby.


Controlling the Camera like Magic

The unique camera app is capable of six marvelous things:

  • Product search
  • Identifying places and landmarks
  • Translating text
  • Find similar images
  • QR code and barcode reading

Just like you click a selfie – Raise your phone, Bixby will scan a code/object/landmark, proceed with simply tapping on the button at the bottom of the display. It’s so unbelievingly flawless & effortless!

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