Apple iPhone 11 Launch: Features, Specs & More

The All-New iPhone 11 is on its way to Kuwait!

A press event held by Apple on September 10th 2019 saw the unveiling of an exciting list of new products, features and updates. As always, the new 2019 iPhone was the star of the show. Live from the Apple headquarters, CEO Tim Cook announced the launch of the new iPhone series: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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iPhone 11 preorder Kuwait

Apple’s fresh line of iPhones are on their way to Xcite Kuwait and they’re arriving in a new set of colors , with a faster processor and a box on the back housing the best camera system available on a smartphone.

As expected, the iPhone 11 model is going to be the cost effective phone that offers practicality and access to the new 2019 features and specs. The iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Max Pro models offer more speed, more battery life and a better photography experience for power users.

Why buy the new iPhone and which model do you choose? A list of side-by-side specs may help you answer those questions, but the value that the iPhone 11 offers goes beyond a spec sheet summary.

Faster performance, longer battery life

iPhone 11 preorder Kuwait

With the introduction of the A13 Bionic Chip processor on all three models Apple claims that its smartphones are now the fastest on the market, which is an impressive feat after the roll-out of the new Note and Huawai series.

With the new processing system, the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro are now 30% faster with face identification and can recognize more angles.

Apple has equipped the iPhone 11 with 3110 mAh of battery power. Up until the iPhone 11 launch, the iPhone XR held the record for longest battery life on an iPhone. The iPhone 11 breaks that record, providing an additional hour of battery life.

breaks that record, providing an additional hour of battery life.

The Pro models enjoy a similar upgrade with the iPhone Pro offering 4 more hours of battery life than the iPhone XS and the Pro Max delivering an impressive 5 more hours than the XS Max.

Sleek Design, Brighter Display

iPhone 11 preorder Kuwait

As far as design goes, the changes are subtle. Apple seems to be happy with the the previous generation’s bezel, notch and button designs and has left them as is. However, what instantly stands out in the iPhone 11 series is the new camera box design contrasted by the new color palette and the finish.

iPhone 11 wears a fun glossy finish, while the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro
boast a classy matte finish. All three models are available in new dark green and lavender purple colors, as well as the usual black, silver and gold.

iPhone 11 Max and Max Pro are perfect for streaming movies and videos with the new Retina X display that makes colors pop with brightness while maintaining a sharp vivid image on your OLED screen.

The iPhone Camera got a complete makeover

iPhone 11 preorder Kuwait

All other upgrades pale in comparison to the amazing camera system we’re getting. The aforementioned camera box you’ll find on the back of your iPhone now houses 2 cameras (wide, ultra-wide) for the iPhone 11, and 3 cameras (wide, ultra-wide, telephoto) on the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

iPhone 11 preorder Kuwait

With the introduction of the new lenses comes 4k 60 FPS video recording capabilities and upgrades in the camera software to provide seamless switching between the lenses. Other fun features include automatic night mode and slofies (slow motion selfies!).

The iPhone 11 series is a serious contender for the best camera on a smartphone – if not outright the best.

With the 2019 iPhone 11 and 11 Pro models, Apple remind us why they’re so great by grouping together a list of spec and feature updates to deliver a phone that is reliable, stylish and perfectly suited for photography.

Are you as excited about the release of the all-new iPhone 11 as we are?

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    I’m very much interested to iphone 11 pro max, i m also one of the very good customers,
    i want to know Price of the new iphone 11 pro max, and when i will get? pls ans😭

    1. Hello Michael,

      Simply add the product to your cart and checkout. The product will be dilevered to you for free within 2-3 days of the release date. Faster delivery options are available.

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