Are you a movie buff? Or just need a cinematic experience at home? Love listening to audio loud? Or desire to watch your speakers BOOM? Well, if you’re looking around for SOUND QUALITY then you definitely need a home theatre system. Why do you need it? I have the best TV so investing in a home theater system isn’t necessary, right?

Well, let’s be honest now days even the best UHD TV doesn’t deliver smooth explosive sounds as you expect hence you will need a theatre system to make that TV come ALIVE! Before deciding on which home theater speaker system is right for you, here are 4 basic questions to consider:


A great home theatre system will include a 5.1 SYSTEM ( 5 speakers & 1 subwoofer) let’s break it down for you a pair of bookshelf or floor standing Surround Sound System Functioningspeakers, a center channel speaker, 2 rear surround sound speakers and of course our favorite speaker – the subwoofer. First, let’s understand that a home theater system is not 1 unit – it’s a tree of many branches rooted together.  If you’re still not satisfied and really chasing for more like a 3D sound effect like DOLBY is known for it so opt for a 7.1 system – which includes an additional pair of speakers behind the user. Bose, Philips, Harman Kardon, Onkyo, Panasonic, and Sony are brands which channel such beautiful quality.

You can always add extra speakers to the 5.1 system if you want to create an impact which would work miracles for larger rooms. PlacemeHome Theatre Wall Mount Standnt matters because it helps channel and directs the flow of sound to a particular/specific spot. You can create your own home theatre system by purchasing units separately or you can also opt for an all in one package which according to us is comparatively better as the speakers are designed in a peculiar manner to sync with each other. The entire package also is more affordable compared to buy single notes. Lastly, getting the entire set looks breath taking with any interiors as they are designed and built to complement each other like ART.


Well, normallyHome Entertainment Sytem layout the customer care team from the store you’re purchasing it will come to your rescue and install it for you following typically the manual. However, you should customize it to your needs. A music lover will prefer loud floor standing speakers, on the other side a movie fanatic will prefer a center channel speaker for a SURROUND SOUND FEEL.

In case you have space constraints  – in wall or in ceiling speakers will be required. Any floor standing speaker or book shelf speaker should be placed on either side of the TV but 6 feet apart. Always ensure to measure your space with a tape before placing the speaker. If you love running around the house or have toddlers around opt for WIRELESS SPEAKERS always to avoid damage and spending extra later. If your Wireless Speakersreceiver does video processing and signals conversion, even those old component, and composite devices should pass video to your TV via HDMI. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to plug your receiver’s component and composite video outputs to your TV as well.

Additionally, you can always place your speakers on shelves below the TV within cabinets or TV stands on the wall. You rather be safe than sorry.Don’t forget the receiver and the cables with it!

The guru of all – the hub – the receiver will hold together all the video and audio of the system. The setup boxes, consoles will all be plugged into the receiver using either the HDMI, component video, composite video, Ethernet cable or plain old speaker cables to your TV and the audio to the speakers. This will be easier to manage and will deliver a more organized look.


The right sound bar will deliver all the killer sound you ever dreamHome Theatre Sound Systemt of. Basically, stimulates the surround sound and is sleek by design as well. The advantage of a sound bar is MINIMAL WIRES and easy BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY. Streaming your music via your smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop will be easier than ever. Plus a sound bar can be installed anywhere bedroom, kitchen or even in your outdoor balcony during the late night outs. So yes if you’re tight on the budget a sound bar will meet your desired needs as well.

So, what are you waiting for? Post some lovely pictures and reviews of your own setup – we would love to see your design and passion for SOUND J

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