Best news for us gaming addicts! Samsung geeks aimed for the perfect screen to body ratio and this time there’s so much screen there’s not even room for the Samsung name on the front!

With a stunning 5.8inch screen (S8) & 6.3inch screen (S8+), Samsung has made sure the design won’t ever leave our hands. They majorly emphasized on this due to the hardware design, which combines an edge-to-edge boundless display with reduced bezel and rounded corners to give us the theatrical screen size!

Our favorite games are taken to a new level when played on Galaxy S8 and S8+’s absolute screen. Not forgetting Vulkan as usual is back in action with mind blowing capabilities, hours of enticing action at your fingertips with even the most mesmerizing graphic games.

Grounded on the possibility that this time the screen ratio is longer than usual, 18.5:9 instead of the boring standard 16:9. This signifies that we finally have more screen space on a narrower phone!

Additionally with visual effects Samsung did not forget we as gamers are MUSIC enthusiasts! Indulge deeper in the captivating sound effects because Samsung S8 and S8+ offers high-quality 32-bit PCM and DSD64/128 playback support. It doesn’t get better – the new earphones not only offers pure magical sound by AKG, but also fit perfectly for our ears to stay cozy as you rock out.

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