Apple strikes with a transformed Apple watch in 2018

During the last conference, Apple announced the launch of three different iPhones along with a new Apple watch in 2018. You can see all the details Apple unveils new creations for 2018 .
Apple promises on its website that the Series 4 is not just an evolved version of the watch, but a transformed one. They mentioned that the Series 4 watch is ‘redesigned and re-engineered to help you stay even more active, healthy, and connected’. Can you imagine a better version of the Apple watch? We can’t. Let’s see what the world’s first trillion-dollar company did this time.

What is the Apple Watch Series 4 like?

Apple Watch Series 4 like

2018 The year of big display screens by Apple

The series 4 watch has the largest display yet, almost 30% bigger than the other models. Looks like it is the year of big display screens for Apple. First the new iPhone and now this. Reviewers expressed their happiness towards the bigger screen due to the amount of information that the watch is capable of displaying now.

Series 4 is part guardian, part guru

The health monitor of the new watch is like no other. Apple describes it as ‘Part guardian, part guru’. What it does is that it sends both low and high heart rate notifications. This way the user is always protected against any threatening complications. The watch has a fall detection and an emergency SOS. When you fall and become immobile for 1 minute, the watch will automatically activate the emergency feature and call your emergency contact. How assuring is this feature?

The S4 has new breathe watch face, which can be used for meditation or to lower the heart rates. To use this app, raise your wrist to allow it to guide you with breaths. The Series 4 is the device for you if you need to improve your health or even protect it.

The new Apple watch: the perfect workout companion

The watch is designed to be the perfect workout companion; it has an automatic workout detection as well as new yoga and hiking workouts. Apple added some new features for runners like cadence and pace alerts. You can use your new Apple Watch to see up to 5 metrics at a glance as your track the different ways to train. Put your watch on and you’re ready to work out on your own anytime.

If you are someone who needs constant motivation, you will appreciate this watch. It allows for head-to-head competitions, monthly challenges, achievement awards and more. The goal is to close the activity ring each day. The activity sharing with friends is one of the best, most challenging and motivating features.

Be connected, always

What we love most about the Apple watch is how it keeps its user connected. It works like a walkie-talkie, a phone, and a messaging tool. It also allows you to listen to music and Apple Podcasts. You will always be well-entertained with the S4. And It’s all on your wrist. Everyone who tried the S4 is impressed with how responsive the watch is. The speakers on the watch are noticeably louder. In fact, it is 50% louder.

A stylish watch

A stylish watch
A stylish watch

In addition to all these features, the watch is very stylish and has a sleek rounded-edge design. In terms of color, the watch comes in three different aluminum finishes – silver, gold, and space gray. The Series 4 Watch is available in 40mm and 44mm sizes and with or without LTE. You can choose whatever suits you.

What people don’t like about the S4?


Some people have been complaining about the battery life of the S4; they believe it should last longer. Others are not very happy when it comes to the price of the device. They believe it is over-priced.

Series 4 watch: Entirely familiar, yet completely new

Series 4 watch
Series 4 watch

Apple said it, the series 4 is ‘Entirely familiar, yet completely new’. If you took part in this journey with Apple, from the S0 to the S4, you will be able to see how far the company has come. We think that the new watch, like every other product by Apple, resets the standards and creates a completely new benchmark in the world of watches. The S4 was announced on the 12th of September and released on the 21st of the same month, along with the new iPhones. So, will you be getting yours soon? Do you think it’s worth the upgrade?

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