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The Beko Range

With an extensive range of world-class products, the Beko range has something for every home, whatever the size. Showcasing the latest technology and keeping up with the latest styles, our range of products are created with modern families in mind. With energy saving features, you can save money and also reduce your impact on the environment as well.

The Refrigeration Range

Beko's refrigeration range has been created to help you find the perfect way to store food safely and hygienically, whatever the size of your kitchen. All our refrigeration products are ergonomically designed to make maximum use of available space, while keeping up with the latest styles.

Select Your Perfect Appliances

American Style Fridge Freezers
American style fridge freezers offer unbeatable storage space for food of all shapes and sizes. With clever features ranging from built-in ice and water dispensers to NeoFrost Technology designed to maintain optimal humidity and freshness in your food, there is a sleek and stylish American style fridge freezer to suit you.
Beko has a range of tall and under-counter fridges to help you make the most out of your kitchen space without compromising on food storage space. With a variety of features ranging from chiller compartment with the perfect temperature to chill and store meat and fish to Auto Defrost function which prevents ice formation on the back wall, there is a tall or under-counter fridge to suit you and your home.
Fridge Freezers
Our range of fridge freezers make the perfect addition to any household if there is not enough space for a separate fridge and freezer, so you won’t have to sacrifice one for the other. Offering ample storage space for a range of food shapes and sizes, our fridge freezers feature technology such as EverFresh+, keeping fruit and vegetables fresh for up to 30 days, to Frost Free which prevents ice build-up so you won’t have to do so manually.
To install in your garage or outdoor building, all Beko freezers come with Freezer Guard Technologywhich enables them to be fitted and operate in temperatures as low as -15°C. Our freezers are an energy efficient, spacious solution for all your freezing needs.

Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers & Washer Dryers

Beko's range of washing machines, tumble dryers and combination washer dryers have been created with modern families in mind. All products in the range are designed to save energy, water and time, whilst handling your laundry with care.

Select Your Perfect Appliances

Washing Machines
Our washing machines are designed with you in mind so our range starts at 5 kg capacity, ideal for smaller households and spans to 12 kg load capacity - perfect for bigger households and washing large items as big as a whole king-size duvet. Beko’s range of programmes include pet hair reduction, time delay, and a quick programme which enables you to wash a 9kg laundry load in 39 minutes, so there is always a programme to suit you and your schedule.
Washer Dryers
A Beko washer dryer will make the perfect addition to your household if you are looking for an effective washing and drying appliance that won’t take up a great deal of floor space. With Direct Air Cool Technology which doesn’t need water to cool the condenser and a range of innovative programmes on offer including an anti-allergy wash & dry programme, our energy efficient washer dryer is the perfect for all the family.
Tumble Dryers
If you are looking for a tumble dryer that will care for your clothes and save you energy in the process, Beko’s range is perfect. Safer than air-drying clothing indoors by reducing the amount of moisture in the air and with vented and condenser models with 6kg to 9kg capacity to choose from, there is a tumble dryer to suit every household. Choose a model with a sensor drying programme to prevent your clothes over-drying and with lower water consumption, or a dryer with the benefit of heat pump technology to help reduce energy costs and make your life easier


Did you know that you can save time and reduce your utility bills by using an efficient, modern dishwasher, instead of washing by hand? Beko dishwashers have received an average 9 out of 10 review score based on over 2,000 customer reviews and with low water consumption they're designed for efficiency.
Full size Dishwashers
Beko’s range of full size dishwashers can handle up to 13 place settings of dishes, glasses, and cutlery in one wash – so you can wash larger items in one go, perfect if you’re a keen dinner party host! With programmes ranging from SteamGloss to make glasses even shinier to the models which use just 6 litres of water to wash a full load of 13 place settings, our full size dishwashers are an energy efficient addition to kitchen – so you can have more time to do the things you really enjoy.


With an extensive range of world class products, the Beko cooking range has something for every kitchen. Showcasing the latest technology, our range of products make cooking in the home simple and enjoyable. With energy saving features, you can also save money and reduce your impact on the environment as well.

Select Your Perfect Appliances

Freestanding Cookers
Available in a choice of sizes and fuel types, our range of stylish freestanding cookers make the perfect addition to your kitchen. With 50cm and 60cm wide models and double oven and single ovens to choose from, there is a freestanding cooker to suit you and your family. If you’re keen to select an energy-friendly cooker, our EcoSmart ovens come with an A rating and can help you to save up to 21% energy a year when compared to B rated ovens – so you can look after both the environment and your purse.
Built-In Ovens
Beko's built-in ovens are a flexible and practical addition to any kitchen and come in a range of capacities - perfect if you want to cook a small dinner or a large Sunday roast for all the family. Because we know that cooking is fun but cleaning the oven afterwards is not, many of our built-in ovens also feature a nano-coating on the inner glass, to ensure its shine lasts for years to come. Combining seamless design with ultimate convenience, there is no need for messy chemicals with our programme clean oven.
Built-In Hobs
Beko’s extensive range of built-in gas hobs and electric built-in hobs make the perfect addition to our built-in ovens. Whether you’re looking for stainless steel, white, or black to match your kitchen’s décor – there’s a suitable hob for every household.
Cooker Hoods
Combining style with functionality, these Beko built-in hoods extract smoke and food odours using simple and easy-to-use wwws. With a 2-year warranty as standard and all hoods coming with a recirculation filter included, our built-in hoods are reliable and long-lasting.

Water Dispenser

One of essential household appliances, thus, almost every household owns one. Nevertheless, every water dispenser owns a cooling engine that uses the heat of the electricity and turning this heat to either cold or hot. As a result, this water dispenser either provides you with hot to cold water.
Designed For Your Ease Of Mind
With the water dispenser from Beko, placing such dispenser has never been easier thanks to its floor standing design. This simple, basic design of the water dispenser from Beko is there to provide you with ease of mind and the comfort of using it.
Hot And Cold Water Convenience
The Beko Water dispenser gives both hot and cold water, no matter what type of drink you want to make, coffee, tea or juice, it is now easier with the Beko Water dispenser. Now you can minimize the use of kettles or stove-top water heating utensils. This also minimizes buying boxes after boxes of distilled drinking water that you have to cool in the refrigerator.
Clean Water Always
Receive crisp, clean and fresh water that is free of chemicals that are normally found in tap water. This improves the taste and quality of the water that you will be drinking.It also reduces the amount of contaminants that are found in normal tap water, which provides you with numerous health benefits since you're greatly reducing the amount of extras that you normally drink on an everyday basis.
Maintenance is Easy
You just have to clean the unit once a month or so, This means minimal upkeep on your end to ensure that the unit is working correctly. You will not have to spend all of your time fixing part after part.

Coffe Maker

Beko Coffee maker is a perfect companion for those who care about making great coffee. Busy families, caffeine addicts, and epicures relish the performance and quality of this coffeemaker machine. This Coffee Maker will help you serve hot coffee without sacrificing flavor or quality.
Intense Flavor With A Sophisticated Brewing Method
If you are looking for intense flavor, great taste, and dependability, this Beko coffeemaker and espresso machine does what you need. You can drink up the freshness, warmth, and boldness every single time you brew because the Beko features a sophisticated brewing method. This Beko coffeemaker is easy to use, which means you are able to expertly prepare pot after pot without worries. Additionally, has a reminder thanks to the Audible and Illuminated warning showing the boiling status.
Delightful Coffee
This coffeemaker is fast and effective as it has a illuminated boiling dish, which means you are able to rapidly serve a boiling hot cup of coffee in no time. Plus, the Beko comes with a spoon enabling the right amount of coffee to be used, making it easy for you to produce pot after pot of tasty, delightful coffee with its decent capacity.Occupies little space with its compact design.