Home Automation: Beyond What You Expect!

Have you imagined a life full of smartness and flexibility? Have you thought about getting your home devices connected to the internet or Bluetooth all the time? Not just your tablets and smartphones, but everything ranging from light bulbs to major appliances like fans and thermostats. No need for imagination now as this is how our life looks like! Home Automation is creeping into our daily routine with the ability to control everything around us. You just make orders, and then you’ll have all the settings adjusted within few seconds!

Smartly Control Your Home 

Some voice speakers and recorders exceed their normal limits nowadays since they are treated now as smart control devices that handle different things other than music and sounds. You can consider such devices as close friends you interact and live with. They can hear you even from a very long distance. They include high quality speakers to pick up your voice immediately and execute orders. Plus, if you’ve got similar devices at home, the nearest device will be interacted with you!

You can tell how smart it is!

You can use them to do the following:

  • Play Your Favorite Songs Hands-Free: Request a certain song or author. You can even specify the genre or mood of your favorite music. No need to do any action by your hands. Your voice is your command!


  • Get the Latest News & Weather Information: Keep yourself up-to-date! These devices allow you to get the news you want immediately. If you are a sports fan, for example, you can ask about your favorite team and know their latest news. Ask about weather as well! It is an easy way to check the weather before going out.

  • Turn On or Dim the Lights: These devices, as mentioned above, can go beyond voice and sounds. They can help you controlling the bulbs all over the house, or just dimming the light while reading interesting e-books on your E-reader, which is, on the other hand, considered another innovative and smart reading device, giving you unlimited access to over a thousand titles.

As an example, Amazon Echo devices require you to download their Alexa App first, so you can adjust the settings of the lights. Launch the Alexa app, tap the hamburger menu, then tap Smart Home. Scroll down to Your Devices and tap Discover Devices.


  • Control Other Smart Devices: In addition to the lights, you can use these devices to get control over other gadgets and appliance at home.

Few unique smart speakers include a small display that keeps you in touch with your relatives and close friends. You can use it to track your baby’s first steps in the nursery while you are setting in your office using a live camera feed.


What else Artificial Intelligence will amaze us with in the future? Control is rarely a human property nowadays as smart gadgets and devices are replacing our roles gradually!!


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