Home Appliances Pressure Washers Offers in Kuwait

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Karcher K2 Basic High Pressure Washer
19.900 KD
29.900 KD  
Save 10.000 KD
Karcher High Pressure Washer K3 Full Control
42.900 KD
74.900 KD  
Save 32.000 KD
Starting 2.000 KD Monthly
Karcher KHB 5 Handheld Pressure Washer
37.900 KD
44.900 KD  
Save 7.000 KD
Starting 2.000 KD Monthly
Karcher K5 Home Full Control High Pressure Washer - Black / Yellow
129.900 KD
169.900 KD  
Save 40.000 KD
Starting 6.000 KD Monthly
Karcher K7 Premium Full Control Plus Home Pressure Washer
174.900 KD
219.900 KD  
Save 45.000 KD
Starting 8.000 KD Monthly
Wansa 1700W Pressure Washer (HP9501A)
14.900 KD
25.900 KD  
Save 11.000 KD
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