Gulf Bank Cashback Program

Gulf Bank is excited to announce the highest rewarding Cashback program. The all-new Cashback program is designed to add value to your credit card usage experience with cash rewards.

Now spend more and earn more while shopping using your Gulf Bank Cashback credit cards.

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Get up to 10% Cashback of your spends at grocery and supermarkets

Get up to 5% Cashback of your spends at all other outlets across the world and e-commerce websites

Eligible Cards

Mastercard Titanium Cashback credit card

Visa Platinum Cashback credit card

Cashback Earning

* Minimum spend of KD 100 monthly is required to qualify for Cashback

Grocery and Supermarkets
Cash SpendsCashback
KD 0 to KD 100 2%
KD 101 to KD 300 5%
KD 301 and above 10%
Maximum Cashback amount – KD 30 per month

Other Spends
Cash SpendsCashback
KD 0 to KD 2,000 2%
KD 2,001 to KD 3,000 3%
KD 3,001 to KD 4,000 4%
KD 4,001 and above 5%
Maximum Cashback amount – KD 220 per month

Cashback Redemption Channels

The Cashback can be redeemed through the following channels such as:

1. Online Banking
2. Mobile Banking

  • The Cashback amount is to be redeemed within a period of 2 years
  • The Cashback amount can be redeemed for KD 10 and its multipliers only
  • The Cashback amount will be credited in to your card within a period of 48 hours of processing the redemption


  • Valid from 1st Oct 2018 till 30th Sep 2019

Cashback Criteria

Cashback amount is calculated for all POS and e-commerce transactions

Spend Qualifier: Minimum spend of KD 100 Monthly to qualify for cashback rewards

Cap on rewards: Maximum Cashback amount – KD 250 per month. KD 30 per month of grocery and KD 220 per month on other spends

The Cashback amount available for redemption will be reflected based on settled transactions only after each statement cycle

Terms & Conditions

  1. The Cashback amount is calculated based on the settled transactions (except cash and all fees debited by the bank) and will be shown after each statement cycle.
  2. The CashBack amount is calculated for all POS transactions that the cardholder makes using the credit card in Kuwait and abroad.
  3. The Cashback offer excludes all credit cards issued for corporate accounts or business purposes.
  4. Cash withdrawals transactions made using the credit cards are excluded from the amount based on which the Cashback is calculated.
  5. The transactions made with the supplementary card will qualify for Cashback as per the criteria mentioned above.
  6. The minimum required amount to spend to start earning Cashback is KD 100 per month and there is no maximum purchase amount.
  7. The Cashback rewards will be calculated as per the Merchant Category code (MCC) defined by the acquiring Bank based on Visa & Mastercard guidelines. (Some Grocery stores will not be classified under Grocery category and such purchases will fall under other spends category).
  8. The maximum Cashback amount cap is KD 250 per month for each Cashback Card (including the supplementary cards).
  9. The bank reserves the right to exclude Cashback from cardholders who are misusing the promotion for business transactions such as commercial purchases, one or multiple transactions from one merchant, and/or any transactions that are not deemed as normal retail purchases.
  10. The customer is eligible for Cashback only if due amounts are paid on time without any delay.
  11. The customer can redeem Cashback amount only within two years after which it expires.
  12. Redemption is valid for KD 10 and its multipliers only (i.e. the customer cannot have Cashback on KD 3 for example).
  13. Cashback amount will be awarded based on the rate applied by the bank.
  14. In case of a transaction reversal or refund, the Cashback amount awarded on the credit card will be reversed based on the rate given on the date of reversal, and not based on the original rate.
  15. The bank has the right to stop the Loyalty Program / Cashback for any customer based on specific reasons.
  16. The bank has the right to stop the Loyalty Program / Cashback in case the customer is downgraded or if no salary is transferred into the account.
  17. In case the bank discovers that there are Cashback amounts paid to the customer by mistake or that the customer is not eligible for CashBack, the bank has the right to debit the amount after informing the customer.
  18. The bank reserves the right to amend the terms & conditions of the Cashback program from time to time without notice.