Well, it is an easy comparison you can do it yourself BUT not everyone is a geek with online shopping. For all the newbees/freshers – Welcome to the online shopping world below highlights will help you understand pros and cons of both worlds.

Let’s start with our original shopping method the old school yet gold – traditional stores. You decide to go shopping early morning on a Friday @ 8 to avoid the rush, to get your perfect size and to cover more stores. Friday morning arrives and due to a late night sluggishly wake up from your bed, freshen up chaotically and walk out with a coffee. You enter your favorite store and pass through 2 aisles of clothes. Picking 2 beautiful t-shirts one of your size and the other 1 size bigger. You’ll then proceed and wait in the que for your turn. As usual your late so the line is huge and the trial room stuffy yet waiting is the best option as you don’t want to take it home, not fit into it and again the hassle of exchange and walking that distance.

Finally, your chance arrives and the t-shirts you have picked look average on you. You still proceed on buying it and head towards the next favorite department of the store gadgets. You’re viewing the range, physically touching it and experiencing the use and the fit – of which best will meet your requirements at home. However, the model you want is tad bit more expensive yet you bought it with the 2 t-shirts only because you simply feel bad – leaving your favorite store empty handed and the itch of splurging your money won’t allow you as well.

Let’s take the online world as the other scenario.

You don’t have to wake up early and walk the distance. Even if you have a car ample of fuel will get saved and no tension of parking tickets. The store will never close and shopping can be done at any hour!  Sounds lazy but isn’t it a fantastic lazy option especially on your rest day!

If one store doesn’t have your size – comparison across several stores can be done. No hurry and no wastage of time what so ever. Instead of following trends in traditional stores you can customize your own ideas and design it to your imagination in online stores – it’s like creating a new trend to be followed. Comparing prices is the best feeling because you won’t forget it while visiting another store and with the saved money you can shop tons more all thanks to those great discounts and attractive deals.

You can even surprise your family and friends by delivering gifts to their doorstep without any effort. What else? In a regular traditional shop you can’t ask more than 5 customers around their view and sometimes even the sales person doesn’t have 100% knowledge – with online shopping read millions of reviews and attain all knowledge by asking simply posting a question.

There are few cons like physically trying the product is not possible which  might portray a difference on delivery. Secondly, you have to wait for the delivery. Sometimes a higher price has to be paid for shipping and there is always a question of security. However, these issues could be solved by choosing the best online store app to shop from. According to us, online shopping is the best not because we are online retailers but simply because you have the world’s options at your fingertips and it’s just a call away for a service. It’s people power all the way!

Now imagine this – lazing on your couch, ordering anything you desire around the globe and the product gets delivered at your doorstep 3 days later. No efforts – VOILA 🙂

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