Xcite’s Blue Friday 2018: Contests, Gifts & More!

This year, Blue Friday in Kuwait is out of the ordinary. Why? Forget Black Friday, this Blue Friday, we are celebrating you, our special customers. This Blue Friday is raining gifts and surprises. Hurry up and enroll in our contests for a chance to win amazing prizes!

#1: Make A Wish

Name It, We Make It
Wishing has never been easier!

Since we are celebrating our customers on this day, it is only fair to hear your wishes from you! Share your wish in the comments below and we will help you make it come true!

  • Comment your wish in the comments below.
  • Share this article on your Facebook or Twitter.
  • Use hashtag #XciteBlue when you share this article.
  • Make sure your Facebook or Twitter account is public.
  • Winner will be chosen randomly.

#2: QR Code Scan

QR Scan with Xcite


What is easier than hovering your phone across a screen or a piece of paper? All you have to do is scan the QR code above and get a chance to win!

  • Scan the QR Code which can also be found on physical flyers at our Xcite showrooms starting November 21st 

#3: Find the Hidden Objects

Find the hidden items!

Time to wear your glasses and open your eyes real wide for this one. Find the products, name them, and get a chance to win. Stay tuned for this contest on our Instagram account “xcitealghanim”.

#4: Type “Xcite Blue” Without Interruptions

Type in the phrase “Xcite Blue” letter by letter, without interruptions, to get a chance to win. This means each comment will contain one letter. Be quick, but do not lose your focus! Stay tuned for this contest on our Facebook page X-cite by Alghanim Electronics.

#5: Spin the Wheel

Spin it & Win it!

There is nothing as exciting as winning by luck! For more details, stay tuned for this exclusive contest on our main website Xcite.com

Your Time To Shine

Be The Winners!

This is your chance to make your voice heard this Blue Friday in Kuwait. Roll your sleeves up, and get ready to play some fun games that will keep you entertained. Take your time, but not too much, and do not blow your chance! We are waiting for your comments & shares! It is now or never, you might be the lucky winner!

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  1. I wish for: iPad pro with the Apple Pencil.

    I also wish for the new Microsoft Surface Pro.

    Hope I get a happy surprise about these wishes being granted, or at least one of them. <3

  2. My wish is to get 15Inch MacBook Pro 2018 with 16gb RAM, i7 8th gen, 2GB Graphics cards either 256/512 gb it’s up to you 😉
    I need this to support my education and programming.

  3. Apple MacBook Pro 2018 with 16gb RAM, i7 8th gen, 2gb Graphic Card, 256/512 GB ROM it’s up to you 😉
    I want this for supporting my education and programming

  4. Dear X-cite Alghanim:

    My wish is a APPLE WATCH SERIES 4…😊

    I hope my wish will be granted…😊

    Thank you so much and godbless you…😊🙏🏽☝🏼

  5. To buy a Apple iPhone XS 256GB eSIM Dual SIM Phone – Grey or an Apple MacBook Pro Intel Core i7 16GB RAM 512GB SSD 15 Inch Touch Bar & Touch ID Laptop (MPTT2) – Grey

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