Make Your Perfumes Last

Many of us go through the dilemma of having to re-spray ourselves with perfumes throughout the day, and why is that? Its fragrance fades away quickly, it gets frustrating, your imminent action is to buy a quite high-end perfume, but then you remember that you are on a budget. Worry no more, as we got you covered on the best ways to make your perfume long lasting with these surprisingly simple tricks!

Spray perfume right after shower

Here’s the deal, you want to smell amazingly beautiful all the time, right? Then do some spritzing on your skin when your pores are open, preferably after a hot shower. This way your skin sucks the perfume up and locks it in it for a long time. It’s called science.

Spray after shower

Create a base for the perfume

What if you do not want to be taking a shower any time soon? Believe it or not, applying Vaseline or any type of body cream (preferably a scentless one), creates a base for the perfume to be stuck on your skin for longer! Somehow the not-too-sticky creamy substance is mixed with the perfume to make a lasting effect on the skin.

Moisturize first

Apply on pulse points

Did you know that spraying perfume on areas where you can feel your heartbeat, can actually make the fragrance last longer? As simple as it sounds, not many people acknowledge this fact.

Areas like your wrists, inside elbows, behind knees, neck, throat and behind ears are perfect spots to spray on.

Apply on pulse point

Choose the right perfume

Base notes in a perfume stick around the longest, therefore it’s best to choose a perfume with strong base notes. Examples of perfumes with strong and beautifully-smelling base notes are:

Alien by Thierry Mugler

Alien by Thierry Mugler

Alien is a floral perfume, a magic elixir captured in a bottle in the shape of a strange object, reminiscent of a philosophers’ stone or some warlock object of a deep and mysterious purple color. Its woman has to be a bit of a witch. Base note is warm white amber.

Armani Code Men

Armani Code Men

Armani Code Profumo by Giorgio Armani is a Oriental Spicy fragrance for men. Top notes are green mandarin, green apple and cardamom; middle notes are orange blossom, lavender and nutmeg; base notes are tonka bean, amber and leather.

Chanel Coco

Chanel Coco

Coco is an Eau de Parfum launched under the Chanel brand. The fragrance is designed by Chanel for women’s use to accentuate the wearer’s style, base notes are amber, sandalwood and coriander.

Do not spray your hair

When you move, your hair moves with you, therefore; you create an airflow of your smell. Some commit the mistake of spraying their hair with perfume, this could damage the hair due to the alcohol in it contained in the perfume. Better off, spray your hairbrush, brush your hair, and voila! Enjoy the compliments!

Do not spray on hair

Eager to get your hair smelling like cupcakes and white chocolate? Try Fantasy by Britney Spears.

Store your bottle in a safe place

Never leave your bottle subject to light and heat! As they may break up the components and weaken the quality of the perfume. It is advisable not to keep it in the bathroom as well, as the humidity might alter its composition.

Store bottle in safe place

And most importantly, do not forget to choose the fragrance that you really like! Please share with us your own techniques to a long-lasting fragrance in the comments below!

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