Upcoming Mobile Phones in 2018

The pace of smartphone evolution is moving in an unprecedented speed. No sooner checked the specs and features of a new mobile, that a new one is already released with even better features. We are always anticipating for the new mobiles to experience their features, new embedded technologies and design patterns.

Looking for upgrading your mobile model? Check our article for the best upcoming smartphones to be released during this year. If you are still thinking about purchasing a mobile already available in markets or waiting for a new one to come, read our shortlist for the best mobile to show up this year.

The super, premium, and expensive smartphone – iPhone 9 & SE2

The mighty iPhone is expected to release a new model by the end of this year. We are expecting iPhone 9 to hit the markets by October and iPhone SE2 before then too.

According to rumors, the new iPhone is expected to embedded with Apple’s fast A10 chip which will boost its performance, it’s going to be waterproof and will have an aluminium back instead of the stainless one to reduce its cost.

There is no big difference when it comes to design and style. The new phone will retain the 19:9 display and the face recognition feature. As a matter of fact, these are only speculations, but later on more information will be uncovered of course.


Google’s Smartphone – Pixel 3

Google has worked hard on making its pixel really worthy of carrying its name. The special line of smartphones is known of its top quality cameras and super fast and smart operating systems.

The new release, Pixel 3, is expected to show in October of this year. Rumors circulate around an even better camera, an agile and exclusive Android operating system to serve it very well, and a Snapdragon 845 processor.


The Korean Giant – Note 9

Samsung is expected to release the newest model of its famous “phablet” line Note. Samsung Note 9 will display a regular design similar to its predecessor with a 6.38 inch display screen to be Samsung’s largest smartphone ever made.

Note’s release date of the new samsung is not yet confirmed, but it’s expected to be sometime next August.

The new handset is awaited to weigh 195g, it is set to have a Snapdragon 845 processor placed in it and a 6GB Ram. Not big difference between Note 9 and S9 it seems apart from the design, size, and fingerprint sensor placement.


The only high end smartphone of HTC – U12+

It is now official, HTC has announced releasing its sole flagship smartphone for this year which us U12+ and U12+. HTC lovers imply that U12 will be the best handset ever produced by the company.

The U12 will have excellent video and audio recording capabilities along with dual front and back cameras and will hit the markets in three colors.

U12 is another attempt from HTC to regain its position between Android mainstream mobiles, the smartphone will have today’s standard core abilities like Snapdragon processor, 6GB Ram, 64GB storage, in addition to an Android P operating system.


For those on a tight budget – Moto Z3

We are expected to see three new Z models from Motorola by this summer; Z3, Z3 Force, and Z3 Play. As rumoured, the three models will have borderless 6 inch display screens. Z3 and Z Play models will boast full-HD displays as usual, while the Z Force one will feature an Quad-HD resolution display.

The new smartphone will have a Snapdragon 845 processor placed inside it along with 64GB storage.  Leaked images of the handset doesn’t show a fingerprint scanner which could indicate that Motorola condoned it for new scanners embedded in the front screen. The new members of Z family are worth waiting especially for those on a tight budget and searching for options.


Brand new processor – Asus Zenfone 5

Expected to be released by next month, the new smartphone from Asus “Zenfone 5” will feature the brand new processor Snapdragon 636 along with 6GB Ram and 64GB storage. Zenfone 5 will be released in two colors; meteor silver and midnight blue. It will feature a large 6.2 inch display weighing around 165 grams. The mobile has a 12-megapixel rear camera and a front 8-megapixel one excellent for selfies.


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