Dear valued customer, please take a minute to read through our regulations for installing your brand new AC:

  1. Please make sure that any old air conditioning units are removed prior to our team arriving to install the new one, as we cannot re-install or move existing units.
  2. Our installation team are only authorized to install new ACs with newly purchased pipes. This is done to ensure proper functionality of the unit, and to guarantee your satisfaction.
    Note: We will provide 5 meters of pipes free of charge for all purchased AC units above 18000 BTU and 3 meters free of charge for AC units above 12000 BTU. Every additional meter will be charged at 5 KD.
  3. Our installation team is not authorized to penetrate glass, ceilings, or aluminum barriers for safety and maintenance reasons.
  4. To ensure our team’s safety, and your satisfaction, all outdoor units will only be fitted at a maximum height of 3 meters.
  5. Please ensure that electricity points are within 1.5 meters of indoor units to avoid any complications at the time of installation.
    Note: 36000 BTU AC units require an outdoor plug with 30 ampere power.
  6. Your satisfaction is our only goal, therefore, our experts may refuse to install units that are considered to be under-capacity, and will suggest the correct unit capacity to be bought. This is to ensure proper cooling throughout the hot summer months.